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White, white, white and more white – by UPPCC

“White, White, white and more White,” is the never ending cry from those few ignorant Presa aficionados of the PCCA. This small group, constantly harps about Presas with white markings and contends they are impure, less than desirable and are manufactured by all breeders not associated with their group.

Enough is enough of these erroneous remarks. Let the attached photo copies speak for themselves. What’s the old cliché’? ” A picture is worth a thousand words.” These copied photos were taken from a Spanish book, “El Presa Canario,” authored by: Presa Judge and breeder, “Manuel Martin Bethencourt,” and from the August, 1997, issue of, “El Mundo del Presa”  which featured an in-depth article about the Presa Canario.

You can readily see these Presas have varied markings of white coloration on their snout, muzzle, face, head, collar, toes, feet, legs, chest and body.  Somehow these dogs are recognized as Presas from their country of origin, from Spain and from renowned Presa breeders.

How can this be? You might well ask! Could it be that a small group of individuals are unaware of the existence of such beautiful Presa. Perhaps, this group (PCCA & CEPRC) are of a mind-set to change the overall appearance of the Presa by removing the genetic white coloration at the expense of loosing the dog’s characteristic temperament.

Remember Dear Members,” the white coloration within the Presa Canario breed comes from genetic infusion of the Olde Bull Baiting Bull-doge & Cordoba. Like it or not, the white gene being dominant, will over time manifest itself as a recessive gene, in the form of a mostly white bodied dog or with white markings on the Presa as previously described. Please note the coloration of the pups in the basket along side the small child.”

Our point to this expose – don’t let anyone try to intimidate you into believing that any Presa with White Markings is impure. One has only to use ones eyes or travel to the Gran Canary Islands or to Spain to observe first hand evidence of Presa Canario dogs with varied white markings. Let the truth stand on it’s own merits …..

UPPCC “The Gripper”

Ewa Ziemska

Breeder and researcher of Presa Canario. Lived in Poland, London UK and presently stays in Kentucky, USA and traveled through whole Europe and 22 States discovering the breed. Speaks Polish, English and Spanish. Master of Science of Management and Computer Modeling and Engineer of Production Engineering of Kielce University of Technology. Avid traveler, photographer and dog book collector. Instagram @reygladiador