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Recognition of Presa Canario by FCI

Official recognition of the Presa Canario.

The following is authored by: Manuel Curto Gracia, Presa Canario breeder, Tenerife, Canary Islands. In the informative bulletin of the “REAL CANINE SOCIETY of SPAIN,”# 8, page 4, we read:

 “The next meeting of the Scientific Commissions and Standard of the F.C.I. is predicted for days 26 and 27 of January, 2001, in Paris. In this the recommendation for the definitive acceptance of the Dogo Canario breed will be study by the General Assembly of the F.C.I. that will be celebrated during days 4 and 5 of June of 2001. It is advisable that the fans know that this is the first official note related to the official recognition of the Presa Canario Dog on the part of the F.C.I., that the REAL SPANISH CANINE SOCIETY makes public formally, giving even a date. I dare to say that the Presa Canario Dog will be accepted like native breed of the Canary Islands. The really sad thing is that the F.C.I. does not accept the dog with his true name: Perro de Presa Canario. This change of identity, is to cause the loss of the breeds true identity, and the history of the Canary Islands and the Canary people, for this one has to be thankful to the incompetence of the directors of the Spanish Club of the Presa Canario, still more, I dare to say that part of the responsibility fall upon the CABILDO INSULAR de TENERIFE, who didn’t oppose this change when they had the knowledge of the proposal made on the part of the F.C. I. To the Spanish Club of the Presa Canario Dog in which was advised this name change due to the absurd supposition that humanity relates Presa to Fight of Dogs. The name of DOGO is no more than a Postiche (cover-up) product of the well thinking minds of the bureaucrats of the F.C.I.

Manuel Curto’ Gracia

Ewa Ziemska

Breeder and researcher of Presa Canario. Lived in Poland, London UK and presently stays in Kentucky, USA and traveled through whole Europe and 22 States discovering the breed. Speaks Polish, English and Spanish. Master of Science of Management and Computer Modeling and Engineer of Production Engineering of Kielce University of Technology. Avid traveler, photographer and dog book collector. Instagram @reygladiador