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Read about investing in one of our Presa Canario puppies:

Thank you for your interest in Rey Gladiador Presa Canario puppy.

We understand that every litter produced by us ill impact the breed as a whole. This is why all the breeding’s are done carefully and we try not to breed to many litters to make sure every puppy comes from careful crossing and leaves our house properly socialized and taken care ready for new life in its new family with you. We believe this dogs deserve all efforts to make sure they live long, happy and healthy life.

All of our puppies are born at our house and they are part of everyday routine from the very first moments. They are never limited to whelping box as their only environment as we resigned from using them letting puppies explore the environment all the time, and going further whenever they are ready. This way every day brings new noises, new smells, new surfaces and constant interactions with humans. When they reach appropriate age and house is not enough to provide space to play they move to the “puppy house” with stays open all day with access to garden plus they still spend a lot of time with us at home.

All of the breeding dogs are:

  • registered
  • temperament tested (official temperament test of ZKWP – Polish Kennel Club)
  • confirmed and evaluated by specialist judged on dog shows
  • tested for hip dysplasia with x-rey

Puppies go through selection so only the best ones go to homes with breeding/show/working plans. This is why it’s impossible to choose your puppy just after they were born, as at this time we can’t say if the puppy will met your requirements and if it will have temperament fitting your lifestyle. We let you choose your puppy and also provide you with information’s regarding with puppy could meet your requirements when they start showing desired traits. Puppies are usually being chosen between 5-8 weeks of age. And leave our house at 8 weeks or later depending on country of destination and import regulations. With your puppy you receive lifetime breeders support and in return we would like you to stay in contact and inform us about your dog, send photos and updates on it’s development.

Your puppy was breed in regards to:

  • keeping the essence of true Presa Canario in it’s original form and temperament. We decided that to do this we will continue to follow the first breeding standard approved by first breeders of Presa Canario in 1989. In following years breed standard has had some small modification bringing confusions and arguments between fanciers of the breed. I believe there is no need to correct something that isn’t broken – a wise person once said: “Don’t delude yourself that you can improve the breed, make sure you want destroy it”.  I strongly believe we owe this breed to keep it in it’s original form and don’t flex it to our requirements. There are hundreds of different breeds with different qualities and we also can pick one of them, we shouldn’t change the existing one because we expect from something it’s not.
  • having good, typical for Presa Canario character and temperament. We strive to produce functional, balanced dogs who are both good as family companions and working dogs. Presa Canario from it’s beginning was a dog of many functions, smart, above all loyal and brave. Our dogs are temperament tested plus they are farm working dogs. We take our dogs to all type of dog and public events to show the breed in good light. A huge misconception lately is that Presa should be a dog out of control and dangerous – quite the opposite. Even if we read oldest stories of the bravest and most serious Presas one point usually stands in the highlight – this dogs knew how to behave and were under control of the owner. Presa Canario is a protection dog but to be a good protection dog it needs to be able to go with you to all kind of places, no dog ever will protect you being locked in it’s kennel.
  • minimizing risk of genetic hereditary diseases. To achieve this we hip test our breeding dogs and choose breeding pairs carefully, trying to have as wide as possible knowledge on ancestors on both sides of the puppies pedigree and also knowing limitations and faults of structure and trying to prevent them, as in my opinion incorrect prone to injuries structure is as bad as bad hips. We stand behind our dogs this is why all puppies have 2 year health guarantee.

Your puppy is dewormed and vaccinated according to plan:

  • 2 weeks old – pyrantel
  • 4 weeks old – pyrantel
  • 6 weeks old – fenbendazole (panacur)
  • 7 weeks old – 1st vaccination DHP-P
  • 8 weeks old – fenbendazole (Panacur)
  • 10 weeks old – 2nd vaccination DHP-P
  • 13 weeks old – 3rd vaccination DHP-P

*  there might be more dewarmings applied depending on need. After first dewormings puppy should be dewormed once a month till 6 months of age.
*  you will be given your puppies health record stating what vaccinations and dewormers were used and on what dates. Please make your veterinarian keep with this schedule and not administer unnecessary extra vaccinations. When in doubt about need of deworming please take sample of stool to your vet for examination – note that some of the parasites have life cycle that’snot regular, and sometimes it would be best to collect stool samples for 3 days in a row.

Your puppy is microchipped.

All our dogs including puppies are feed with raw diet.

To reserve a puppy $500 deposit is required. Deposits are taken after you are sure you would like to have a puppy from us. Deposit is a guarantee to us both that from this moment we are committed to each other – you are sure there is a puppy waiting for you, and we are sure we don’t need to screen other potential buyers who could be willing to buy his puppy. Deposits aren’t refundable – this is to ensure that you are seriously interested in owning one of our puppies. Puppy price on average is $2500 payed in two parts $500 being deposit and $2000 payed on the day of pickup or prior to shipping.

On request we can take your puppy to qualified veterinarian for ear crop on buyers cost and risk. Cost of ear crop is additional $300

We encourage you to come and pick up your puppy in person, but whenever this isn’t possible we provide shipping. Shipping depends on the destination and requirements if this is going to be another country thus we can’t say exact fee. On average costs of shipping around USA stay in range of $250-500.






Ewa Ziemska