Traquer – rok 1985

Traquer son of Campeon de Irema Curto and Tirma born in 1983 in house of Mario Montequi. He belonged to Francisco de La Paz Ledesma. Picture from Encyclipedia published in 1985

1874 o Presa Canario? The illustrated book of the dog – Vero Shaw

The illustrated book of the dog – Vero Shaw – 1881 If you read the whole paragraph before going to highlighted area you will see that in the last part author say most likely about Presa Canario (Canary Islands are on African cost). Especially knowing description of the first Spanish-Bulldog Toro and than description of […]

Kobieta i pies, Brzesc, Polska rok 1942

This picture was made in Brześć in 1942. Brześć in times when this photograph was taken was polish city, now it is situated on border of Poland and Belorussia (Belorussian side). Unfortunately I do not know details about pictured women or the dog. thought it will be interesting to share it minding type of the […]

Presa Canario w filmie „Oceano” rok 1989

Probably the oldest movie in with we can see Presa Canario. Series named „Oceano” directed by Ruggero Deodato were made in 1988 and movie was released in 1989. Action takes place on island of Lanzarotte and wanting to show first and foremost Presas I couldn’t resist to leave a bit of the landscape of this […]

Presa Canario – wygląd ogólny

Presa Canario appearance: it’s a dog of medium size of robust body, rectangular profile and appearance of solidity. It’s function made it a versatile dog, used in the handling and subjugation of cattle, guarding and protection of property and as participant of pechadas (style of fight invented in Canary Islands) and build of this dog […]

Charakter i temperament

I was going to post this as comment on Presa grup but as it would just be scrolled down in a few and lost I thought I’ll keep it here. Mys Spanish is of very simple nature, and English isn’t my first language so excuse me possible errors of this translation. Translations themselves have always […]

Bullterier w magazynie „Mój Pies” z roku 1938

Not a Presa Canario again but I thought it might be interesting to see. This issue of magazine „Mój Pies” from Poland was released on 15th of march 1938. Dr Emil Hauck from Austria was one of the promoters of continental type of bullterier with more sublime style of head,, without exaggeration and great oponent […]