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Presa Canario in Poland

It’s not an easy topic to talk about Polish dogs. But when writing about presas it is necessary to write about the beginning of presa history in my country.  

When the first presa’s came to Poland little was known about them (or rather nothing was known). And first presas came to Poland in 1997. Not many people knew how they should look or behave. The best breeding lines also wasn’t known well. First imports came to Artur Tomaszczyk from Gliwice – this where imports from Slovakia. The first litter was born in 12.07.1998 in “Przystań Abelarda” kennel with belonged to Krzysztof Mrozowski from Serock, parents of this litter were dogs brought from Slovakia: Yeyo de Maxorata (Don de Maxorata x Luna) and Bety Hamigo (Sabio x Biasa). In short time came first imports from Spain and Canary Islands. The first dogs with Spanish/Canary origin came to kennels: Presa Awangarda belonging to Paweł Kasprzak, Xanti Land belonging to Agata Olejnik, Merkator belonging to Barbara Pałka, Dolina Rosy belonging to Wojciech Rosa and Validus. This dogs were:

–          Ch.Pl. Zw.Kl. Doramas de Adjemeto (Dique de Canchas Mahan x Ch.Esp. Kyma de Adjemeto)

–          Ch.Pl. Kunta Kinte de Alacant Bull (Ch.Esp. Argual x Tinerfa)

–          Ch.Pl., Zw.Kl. Yaisa de Casa del Presa (Ch.Esp. Barón II x Arona)

–          Ch.Pl. Irbi de Casa del PResa (Tafur x Azoca de Canchas Ibakken)

–          Ch.Pl. Tuna de Casa del Presa (Tafur x Azoca de Canchas Ibakken)

–          Ch.Pl. Samzara de Taguluche (Canelo x Bora de Haridian)

–          Ch.Pl. Turca (Tafur x Linda)

–          Ch.Pl. Negra (Tafur x Linda)

–          Car de Irema Curto (Carpo x Vana)

–          Ch. Pl. Xuta de Irema Curto (Tigre x Tibia)

–          Ch.Pl. Zw.Eur. Arico de Irema Curto (Grey de Irema Curto x Dama)

–          Ch.Pl. Zw.Św. Esa de Irema Curto (Grey de Irema Curto x Bari)

–          Ch.Pl. Quino de Irema Curto (Nestor de Irema Curto x Aisa de Irema Curto)

–          Ch.Pl. Puntal de Vega Lagunera (Ch.Esp. Tamarn x Bamba Universum/Samzara)

–          and other…

Now breeding of Presa Canario is developing into good way. Some of our breeders coopeate with breeders from Spain. Also polish Canario’ are more and more famous o foeign rings also on those of World, European and Specialioty Club Shows. Our dogs managed to win titles:

–  3 x World Winner (Esa de Irema Curto, Komma Show Xanti Land, Sejtan Medok)

–   2 x Junior World Winner (Nega Wojtabreja Klub, Parisienne de Presa Awangarda)

–  11 x Europe Winner (Arico de Irema Curto, Chuck Norris de Presa Awangarda, Mora Dolina Rosy Nega Wojtabreja Klub, Aventure Vet Grand, 3 x Woo Doo Show Xanti Land, Aqua Viva Vet Grand, Volcan de Alacant Bull, Tahora Tajemnica Mistrza)

–  7 x Junior Europe Winner (Algo Xanti Land, Cuco Xanti Land, Woo Doo Show Xanti Land, Ernest Koziołkowa Dolina, Playa Medok, Komma Show Xanti Land, Murbo Xanti Land)

In Spain few our dogs had succeses on show rings. First polish dog shown in sain was Ch.Cuco Xanti Land (Ch.Pl. Puntal de Vega Lagunera x Ch.Pl. Zw.Kl. Yaisa de Casa del Presa). It was in Alicante, December 2000 and Cuco recived res.CAC in open clas. In 2004 our dogs were shown in Barcelona on European show. Best of Breed went to Woo Doo Show Xanti Land (Ch.Esp. Tamaran x Ch.Pl. Zw.Kl. Yaisa de Casa del Presa) from champions class, in females with excellent, 4th was Nega Wojtabreja Klub (Ch.Pl. Mł.Zw.Eur. Cuco Xanti Land x Tinta Xanti Land). In september 2006 on two International shows in León i Vigo (obligatory point) was shon Parisienne de Presa Awangarda (Ch.Pl. Zw.Kl. Zw.Eur. Chuck Norris de Presa Awangarda x Dama de Presa Awangarda) and every time she was rated 1st, excellent in junior class.

Every yer more pupps are beeing produced. Some from breedings made in Spain. They are becoming more and moe popular in Poland and we have few hundred of DC registered at this moment. Unfortunatelly next to reputable breeders we see more and more breeders focused on easy money breeding unhealthy dogs, untypical and sometimes also without pedigrees…

At this moment in Poland breeders focuse on lowering inbreeding in dogs as almost all ogs from this population are relatives in some way.

The future of the breed is in heands of lovers and fanciers of Presas. This are us who create this breed. From us depands if Presa will be Presa even after many many more generations or we will change the breed into something different for sake of… ??? We have to avoid breeding for public. We have to breed for what a presa should be – a presa, molloser of medium size with extraordinary character and personality. The one tha can not be forgotten. Time will show what we will do with this marvelous dog…


Ewa Ziemska

„Rey Gladiador”

january 2007

Ewa Ziemska

Breeder and researcher of Presa Canario. Lived in Poland, London UK and presently stays in Kentucky, USA and traveled through whole Europe and 22 States discovering the breed. Speaks Polish, English and Spanish. Master of Science of Management and Computer Modeling and Engineer of Production Engineering of Kielce University of Technology. Avid traveler, photographer and dog book collector. Instagram @reygladiador