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Perro de Ganado Majorero – Dog of Pepito el Carnicero

By Manuel Curto Gracia 

Irema Curto Kennels

Pepito the butcher was a man of short stature, very thin, of about fifty or fifty-five years, bald and with moustache. Pepito the butcher had a perro majorero of brindle coat in the roof of a house that if I remember well, he did not live in.

Pepito the butcher confessed us that he was scared of the dog, because was very brave and distrusted of everybody, for that reason he could not take us to the roof in where it was locked up, but we could see it from the fourth floor of the building of alongside.

My friends and I went up to the fourth floor of the building of alongside and through a window in the stairs we could see the dog.

The dog was of medium size, robust; when he saw us he began to bark very riotously and to turn in his roof without stop watching us. The aforesaid roof was full of dry excrements of the dog.

Pepito the butcher said us that due he is scared of the dog, he only worried to give him the food and the water.

I tried to buy the dog to Pepito the butcher. I offered him up to one hundred thousand pesetas. In those years one hundred thousand pesetas for a dog (of a breed that as was able to verify, nobody was interesting) was a very good price.

Pepito the butcher said me no. But if there above he is going to die, I said him.

That no, that he dies there above when he must die.

In those days the dog of Pepito the butcher had four or five years, this mean that he died several years ago. Is possible that Pepito the butcher has suffered the same fate, I do not know it.

Major de Irema Curto son of Major and Colilla. 1980's

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