Every adventure comes to an end and only legends live for ever. Goodbye Kingo, thank you for everything. You will always remain unattainable ideal.

DOB: 15.03.2004
father: Ch.Pl. Ch.Eu. Club.Winner, J.Ch.Pl. CHUCK NORRIS de Presa Awangarda
mother: WW, Ch.Pl. J.Ch.Pl. ESA de Irema Curtó
height: 64,5cm
weight: 65kg

scissor bite, all teeth



Champion of Poland ’06
Champion of Champions – Champions Show Winner ’06
Slovakia Winner’06
Lithuania Winner ’06
Vilnius Cup Winner ’06
v-ce. Junior Europe Winner ’05
Junior Champion of Poland ’05
Junior Club Winner ’05
Best Junior of Molosser Club Speciality Show ’05
one point missing to Champion of Lithuania
one point missing to Champion of Slovakia
Multi Best of Breed
Multi Best Male in the Breed (Best of Sex)
1 x res. CACIB
Multi CWC
Multi CAC
Multi Junior Winner.
2 x best puppy
Best Puppy in Poland (Poznań ’04)


First Presa Canario in history of the breed that competed for Courage Test IV of CDC CZ
First Presa Canario that passed all levels of Courage Tests
Courage Test IV
Courage Test III
Courage Test II
Courage Test I


Litter K – 04.08.2011 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Garrotte de Rey Gladiador)

Litter T – 27.03.2008 (King Size de PResa Awangarda x Parisienne de Presa Awangarda) – with us stayed Tobatacaya

in other kennels:
litter A „Ze Sfory Bena”, Polska – 20.02.2008 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Galera Koziołkowa Dolina)

litter A „Megas Daimonin”, Czechy – 24.11.2008 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Evita Kotovla)

litter A „Lagrima Negro”, Polska – (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Broncara Peneleos)

litter B „Harijan”, USA – (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Jaguar Paw de Harijan)

litter B „Alfa Family Dog”, Słowacja – 24.07.2012 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Enya Nuestra Sangre)

litter B „Dog Pur”, Rumunia – 16.03.2011 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Atia de Iron Bull)

litter B „Megas Daimonion”, Czechy – 21.01.2010 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Evita Kotovla)

litter „de Warsney”, USA – 24.07.2010 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Milady de Winter Ostoja Molosów)

litter B „Los Balcanes”, Rumunia – 01.01.2013 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Coa de Rey Gladiador)

litter C „Diablo di Oro”, Rumunia – 29.03.2012 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Nomad Warrior Chiquita)

litter E „Dogopolis”, Polska – 26.10.2014 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Cadence Nuestra Sangre)

litter „de Warsney”, USA – 01.01.2009 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Milady de Winter Ostoja Molosów)

litter D „I’, Gorgeous”, Polska – 04.10.2011 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Big Muneca Tołdi)

litter K „Dolia Rosy”, Polska – 09.07.2013 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Klea Dolina Rosy)

litter R „Twierdza Samuraja”, Polska – 14.04.2006 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Taifa Dolina Rosy)

litter T „Bateron”, Polska – 30.03.2010 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Sonia Las Vegas SJ)

litter V „Canchas de Los Guanchos”, Polska – 01.04.2011 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Gepa Guanchos)

litter „Valle de Gran Rey”, Szwecja – 22.06.2011 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Valle Gran Rey Alexia)

litter V „Casa de Suenos”, Grecja – 26.01.2010 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Magma Ostoja Molosów)

litter Z „Bastion de Beneska”, Grecja – 31.12.2012 (King Size de Presa Awangarda x Hara Medok)

About Kingo:

In pedigree he has so famous dogs as Grey de Irema Curto, Tomas de Irema Curto, Patagón, Traquer, Felo, Faycan, Manolo, Bearde, Boby, Piba, Mahan de Irema Curto, Tamay de Irema Curto, Troyca, Tinguaro, Porky, Mora de Irema Curto, Taoro, Tinto, with names are written for always in the cards of history of this breed

Kingo recived Junior Champion of Poland title in minimum needed time at age of 13 months – on two international shows and one national show (on one of them was judged by Spaniard, and Kingo was rated excellent, I-st and than on BOG was in finals). Than at the age of 14 months he was shown on Euro Dog Show in Tulln, Austria (25.06.2005). He was rated excellent and finished on 2’nd place receiving title of vice junior Europe Winner. Than at the age of 15 months on international dog show in Krakow he was shown for the first time in intermediate class and was rated excellent 1’st and received his first CAC – and began title of Champion of Poland witch he dinished in the shortest time, at the age of 22 months in Rzeszów beeing Best of Breed winning on several shows befor that. 11.09.2005 on the Mollosid Breeds Club Show he won youth class receiving title of Youth Club Winner and Best Junior of the Breed. He is also Champions Show Winner with title Champion of Champions before his 2nd birthday. Also before his second birthday he won Slovakia Winner, Lithuania Winner and Vilnus Cup Winner – now is missing 1 point to Slovakia Champion and Lithuaniaa Champion title. He is multi CWC, CAC, CACIB and BOB winner.

In the eyes of polish and international judges (also Spanish) Kingo is a dog of excellent type, of average size, strong, big head and typical expression. With proportional body, strong front and hind legs with excellent angulations. Excellent top and lower line. He’s a dog with beautiful coloring and proper pigmentation. Ideal scissor bite and all teeth. Excellent condition and musculature. Of beautiful and dynamic movement.

He has very typical, strong character. In the eyes of trainers from many countries that had opportunity to test him he is one of the best polish and European dogs considering character. He is very temperamental and intelligent. Without training he shows natural instincts to protect and guard. During character tests he showed that he is quick in action and determined. He’s always very confident and alert. To his family and friends he is very loyal and loving animal that is always willing to please. He is the best friend on with I can always count on.