It started simply: I just wanted a dog. Because at this time I couldn’t get one I’ve spent many hours reading about different breeds to find the perfect one for me. Among all of the breeds, I found some that was something that I liked more than others, they were: Akita Inu, cane Corso, Dogo Argentino, fila Brasileiro, Alano, ałabaj… and a few more – but the one that was something special was Presa Canario. First Presa dog I saw on a video around 1996 and then a little bit later in the magazine on photo – it was maybe the year 1998 or 1999. At this time I wasn’t thinking seriously about this dog that I saw – I just thought that Presa looks great, but nothing close to committing my life to dog breeding yet.

In the year 2001, I started reading about this breed (Presa Canario) and doing extended research. With time when I was gaining knowledge, I fall in love with Presa Canario. In Presa Canario, I’ve found something different than in other breeds, something that made me think about them 24/7. This breed definitely stole my mind and my heart, but for my first Presa, I had to wait a few more years. Of course, for all this time I was thinking if this breed is really what I was looking for, but only Presa had it all: character and look – this was a deal-breaker – if I would have to own a dog it can’t be anything else but Presa Canario!

Presa Canario became a real passion, at some points you can also say a bit of an obsession – same as learning more and more about this breed. I’ve spent hundreds of hours searching for information about this breed. I was reading articles, watching videotapes and photos, talking to presa owners and breeders – all that could help me choose the best breeder in the future from whom I would buy my dog. In my research, I found the “Irema Curtó” kennel owned by Manuel Curtó Gracia. As everybody knows Manuel Curtó is one of the most important people in the Presa world. And of course, his dogs are simply beautiful. So at this moment, I had nothing else to do than to find a breeder that breeds Curtó’s dogs. To find this breeder I went to some dog shows (Reading it today you might think I’m crazy, but dog shows were way different back then and you could see some really good dogs both with appearance and character). First I was only watching and trying to find the best ones and after I did it occurred they belonged to Paweł Kasprzak and were in his kennel called “Presa Awangarda”. Furthermore, this breeder breeds only with Irema Curtó imports and has many successes with them on the show rings (Champions of Poland, Winners of Poland, Spain, Tenerife, World, Europe… and many more), but successes on dog shows aren’t the most important things about this dogs. They also had this spirit and character I was looking for. I’ve made up my mind, I’ve found my breeder. Everything about them was just like in all the descriptions and books about Presa Canario that I have read in the past. Before buying a dog from Presa Awangarda I visited Paweł. He told me many interesting things about this breed and his kennel. Also for the first time, I saw these dogs not only on boring dog shows but in their own place: relaxed and simply magnificent. Paweł promised to let me know when the right puppy for me welcomes the world. That was then when my story with Presa Canario really began. From this moment everything was running very fast. A few months later I got a phone call – there was a pup for me, and in the short time I was the owner of my first Presa – KING SIZE de Presa Awangarda – at home called Kingo. Kingo came to my home on 23 of August 2004 at the age of 5 and ½ months. This was a great choice because Kingo has a great temperament and character. He is all that a Presa Canario should be.

The time runs very fast… and now? Now I’m waiting for another pup to come to my house. And my plans for the future? Breeding, but if so breeding with the best specimens. But I will write more about this in the future…

December 2004

Some photos of dogs from shows in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, this was time from before digital cameras (much less cell phones with cameras built in) and I don’t have much footage:

Video from a show made around year 2000:

Video of Doramas de Adjemeto and Yaisa de Casa del Presa, one of first Presa Canarios imported to Poland. 1990’s:

El Presa Canario? Creo que más que definirlo hay que vivirlo!
“Presa Canario? I think instead of defining it live it”