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II National Speciality by PCCA – by UPPCC

Why is it you may well ask are there people who loudly profess to know about everything can only produce limited tangible results of their hypothesis?

If we assess the efforts of just such a group, namely the PCCA clique, by asking , what was the mission of The Presa Canario Club of America at their recent National Specialty & Exposition, on May 22nd & 23rd? Was it not to advance the Presa Canario breed according to the standards which they (PCCA) and the Canary Island breed club believe will perpetuate the look of the future Presa Canario? Namely, to have all show participants Presas judged for “confirmation and registro”, so as to be able to breed , according to the 1997 SPANISH STANDARDS and to receive their SPANISH registration numbers. We quote “The PCCA is dedicated to preserving the PRESA CANARIO in it’s original TYPE & TEMPERAMENT” (RED STAR KENNEL) – unquote “.

Why was there such an outcry over the BBS web-site, demanding responsible breeders be in attendance at this planned EXPO? Hello, maybe we missed something but there was no representation from the countless Presa breeders located throughout the United States who in fact are not affiliated with the PCCA. There was in fact Presa representation, six we believe, all from a renowned Presa breeders progeny, namely Show Stopper Kennels. By the way this representation was the largest from any one Single breeder and non-PCCA member.

Now we must ask, what Presa won the tittle of “BEST ADULT DOG” at this expo ? Out of what bloodlines? From what kennel? Strange how the PCCA downplayed this outstanding win. You might well ask – How is it a female Presa was selected as the best representation of the Presa Canario breed? What happened to all the PCCA Presa males? Were there none worthy of perpetuating the species according to their standards? Yes, this includes island imports!

Why has the PCCA downplayed the importance of there original objective to ascertain the best dog to represent and perpetuate the breed ? Could it be this omission would be attributed to the fact, this BEST ADULT PRESA, a female, was from a renowned kennel . A responsible Presa Canario, a breeder of many years.

Why has the PCCA temperament testing become the paramount issue rather then the results of the confirmation exhibition? Especially, since only nine dogs were entered and with only seven completing the trial. Again, could it be due to the fact that Presa breeder, protection trainer, club officer & PPCCA Member, Alex of Red Star Kennels had three of his dogs pass this test. Strange, we believe there were three “Show Stopper –Presas” passing this test. In conclusion, we must state our opinion. For years, certain kennels and their breeding stock have been bashed & slammed, their good name slandered by a small group of malcontents who profess to be all knowing. Re: the Presa Canario breed. This omnipotent group exhorts to what degree the new Presa (Dogo) Canario should evolve. Lo & Behold, this group appears to be quite naïve as to the ongoing breeding practices of the Presa breeders in the country of origin, namely, the Canary Islands, as well as those breeders on the Spanish Mainland, the European continent and some few breeders in the North American continent. Namely, cross breeding & infusing the genetics from; Pit-Bulls, Neopolitan Mastiff, Great Dane, American Bulldog & Fila Brasilero. Do you think these practices will open the doors to FCI recognition. We think not! Oh well!, so much for confirmation expo’s. But, when a renowned breeder consistently produces “PRESA CANARIO” with correct confirmation, large boned, good expression with protective temperament, he is slandered and criticized for breeding BAN DOGS, DOGS TOO BIG, TOO MANY DOGS, TOO MUCH WHITE, NO TEMPERAMENT, IN IT JUST FOR THE MONEY, JUST FOR THE SHOW RING, etc.,etc. ALAS! We’ll have to let the record stand on it’s own merit. Please remember: The Best Adult Dog selected by the Spanish Judge (Jasinto Martin) as representative as to what a Presa Canario should look like is: a female Presa, Ch. S.S. ARTEMIS, TT, aka BABY, owned by Tim Cross of Harveys Lake, Pa. and purchased from Show Stopper Kennels.

Once again it appears results speak louder then computer words Take heart dear members and pride in the fact you have the best of the best in owning a PRESA CANARIO, a companion/guard dog, purchased from a responsible breeder as confirmed by the many testimonials received over the years, from you our loyal members.

These owner comments were reprinted in subsequent GRIPPER newsletters. Visit our club web-site link on for back issues of the NPPCC newsletters and enjoy.

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Ewa Ziemska

Breeder and researcher of Presa Canario. Lived in Poland, London UK and presently stays in Kentucky, USA and traveled through whole Europe and 22 States discovering the breed. Speaks Polish, English and Spanish. Master of Science of Management and Computer Modeling and Engineer of Production Engineering of Kielce University of Technology. Avid traveler, photographer and dog book collector. Instagram @reygladiador