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Breed standard: skull

It’s length represents 60% of total length of the head. In general is as long as wide. Skull seen from the side is slightly convex on top starting from occipital bone with shouldn’t be visible and covered with muscles. Convexity of the skull have it’s finish at frontal bone with is basically flat. Skull as total can never be vaulted. Frontal sinus is divided with a grove of around 1/3 length of the head. Skull is covered with abundant and loose skin, forming small wrinkles, of regular aspect, movable and of great expression.  This wrinkles are important and determine typical appearance of the dog.


Zygomatic arches, temporal muscles and masseters form a whole, well united mass with almost no stand out of one to another. We should avoid masseters that are very pronounced as they reduce typical expression of head.

Occipital bone is not visible as said before, due to being covered with robust muscles and loose skin.

Ewa Ziemska

Breeder and researcher of Presa Canario. Lived in Poland, London UK and presently stays in Kentucky, USA and traveled through whole Europe and 22 States discovering the breed. Speaks Polish, English and Spanish. Master of Science of Management and Computer Modeling and Engineer of Production Engineering of Kielce University of Technology. Avid traveler, photographer and dog book collector. Instagram @reygladiador