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Breed standard: Presa Canario head

Of brachycephalic type (heading towards mesocephalic), shaped like slightly elongated cube, without any strongly pronounced angels, wide and covered with well developed muscles.

Presa Canario head should be massive, without excess and with harmony to the body size so the front and back of the dog are well balanced. Head that is to big affects movement and will disturb overall harmony.

Craniofacial proportions are 60:40 (skull to muzzle) although proportion of 55:45 is preferred before to short muzzle. With this proportions set and development of teeth is not interrupted.

The cranial and facial part of the head shouldn’t be of much difference looked from front. We should look for muzzle that is filled well (frontal and side view), wide muzzle that will make the front dental arches wide with canines set well far apart so the bite ability is greater.

Head of Presa Canario is very harmonious, solid, tight (not of dry type but also not loose), forming one shape without any part of it standing out. It’s length is usually somewhat around 40% of the dogs high in the withers. It’s covered in slightly loose skin but not hanging. Skin tight and without any wrinkles is not typical. Coat is rustic brindle and fawn in all it’s shades and black. Always black mask.

Ewa Ziemska

Breeder and researcher of Presa Canario. Lived in Poland, London UK and presently stays in Kentucky, USA and traveled through whole Europe and 22 States discovering the breed. Speaks Polish, English and Spanish. Master of Science of Management and Computer Modeling and Engineer of Production Engineering of Kielce University of Technology. Avid traveler, photographer and dog book collector. Instagram @reygladiador