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Purpose of having a working dog

What’s the purpose of having a working dog? It’s all about having a great companion in everyday life and every situation. If it’s not possible than how could this dog protect anybody. This is why I always wander how it is that some people would like to see them unsocial and extremely aggressive. How this dog will do any job while staying at home and locked in kennel? Press are great friends and great family members and should be also great dogs around in society and safe to be around. Here we were surrounded by crowd, my dog played with kids he met for the very first time, we listened to some loud music and watched fireworks. That’s what a working (protection) dog is. A dog that is under control and friendly when not forced into something else. A dog without “off” switch is good for nothing. Even those heavy tempered (and I had those) should be ones we can take around people and to places.

Ewa Ziemska
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