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Character and temperament

I was going to post this as comment on Presa grup but as it would just be scrolled down in a few and lost I thought I’ll keep it here. Mys Spanish is of very simple nature, and English isn’t my first language so excuse me possible errors of this translation. Translations themselves have always a margin of interpretation of some word, and also one must know some of wider background to know with word to use exactly.

This one was about utility of Presa and weather or not there is herding as one of the functions of Presa Canario, and as when we’re thinking of herding we usually think of shepherd type of dogs in this meaning “conducción de ganado bovino” can be understand like herding but of bigger cattle like cows or more precisely conduct ie. help with maintenance, also helping to move them from one place to another, help of keeping them in line or go into desired direction not only fight and holding it in place.

Here is the fragment of standard, the original one from 1989 and my attempt to translate it (corrections will be highly appreciated):

1/ – Description general (characteristic general)
Dog of medium size, eumetric, with straight profile. Appearance is rustic and of good proportions. (optimal shape). Is mesomorphic with body length being greater than height in the withers. Females are usually longer than males. Solid head, of cuboid shape and wide skull. Upper lips cover lower ones. Membranes of black color. Teeth are big, set wide apart and set (fitting) good. Eyes of chestnut (brown) color and of medium size. Ears set high. Cylindrical neck, very muscular and covered with skin thick, loose and elastic. With double chin, not excessive. Set of tail is high. Wide chest and of great volume. Stomach slightly tucked. Forequarters perfectly vertical of strong and wide bones and of well marked angulations with give good amortization and long trot (long stride). Cat feet. Back legs powerful and muscular, with medium angulations , set correctly, cat feet slightly bigger than front ones. Skin is elastic and thick. Fur is short, without undercoat, showing some roughness. Color brindle, fawn and black. Mask usually black.

2.- Character and aptitude
Aspect of great power. Severe look (from eyes). Especially gifted for function of guard and protection dog and for conduct of cattle (cows). Solid/strong temperament. “Luchador” (fighter, wrestler) with is tendency showing as atavism. Bark serious and deep. He is noble and gentle with family and suspicious towards strangers. In the past was often used as fighting dog.


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