Welcome to Rey Gladiador performance breed, traditional Presa Canarios

Pedigree: What your dog is supposed to be.

Conformation: What your dog appears to be.

Performance and temperament: What your dog is.

Why Rey Gladiador Presa Canario?

  • Our puppies are born and raised at home around our family. Half of our house is set especially for puppies and dog moms who also have access to our living areas, playing with us, discovering, being exposed to everyday noises and our son Evan who gives them a lot of life experiences from their first days of life.
  • We raise our puppies and expose them to age appropriate stimulations according to windows of opportunity helping them reach their full potential to become confident, balanced and stable dogs, capable to be both great family companions as well as working dogs. Our goal is a multi purpose Presa Canario capable of adjusting to lifestyle of it’s owner.
  • Our breeding dogs go through evaluation in different environments to show balanced and stable nerves. They are tested around people, animals, loud noises, unexpected situations and more. 
  • Our dogs are tested in protection and work on farm on a daily basics. 
  • We attend dog shows and working events to meet with other enthusiast of the breed and compare our dogs with dogs of other breeders to have fresh vision and always improve.
  • We owned first Courage Champion Presa Canario as well as dogs with highest titles in shows as World Champions and European Champions (among many other titles).
  • We breed to preserve the original Presa Canario with it’s history, temperament, looks and type. We don’t believe in changes in standard and accept first official breed standard from 1989 and one accepted by Government of Canary Islands. Adjust your dog to fit the standard not the standard to fit your dogs.
  • We register our puppies with UKC. All my dogs were FCI registered but UKC is a better option for breeders, have better customer service and wider population of amazing dogs allowing to have wider population to choose from and more diverse genetics.
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Family companions

Our dogs are first and foremost members of our family and accompany us in everyday life

Rey Gladiador Presa Canarios are for people who:


We breed dogs who perform and we want to stay active. We want them to be well socialized and trained in their new homes even if they're going to be just pets. A tired dog is a good dog. And to be tired they need to get both mental as physical exercises. Nurture body and the brain!


We breed dogs who will be good as show dogs, sport dogs and can work in many fields. We believe in total dog. Correct structure, good character and health come first.


We want our dogs to go to families who look for a lifelong companion and not only as a dog for short term breeding program addition. We don't want our puppies to change homes when they're not longer needed. We look for people who first and foremost look for an amazing companion, who will be part of their family, faithfully protect them and will stay with them till their last day on Earth.

Educating about Presa Canario from 2004

I made this website to not only showcase my dogs, but mostly to share my passion for the breed and let others find information's about Presa Canario. From the beginning it's the biggest and best source of information on the breed existing. You will find here articles new and old, historical notes, photos and more. I published articles by various authors and translations of books by those having opposite views on the breed. I believe only by reading different opinions, even those contradicting ones we can make our own and decide what we believe in and what is right by the breed.

„A dog breed is a group of animals that through generations of selective breeding has become uniform in performance, appearance, and selection history”

Presa Canario
Is a multipurpose breed originally breed for guard and protection as well as conduct of cattle. Functional, serious, very intelligent while loving and dedicated towards his family. I always say when choosing one particular function we can find a better predispositioned breed to do it – but we will not find another one that can fulfil many different functions at high level like Presa Canario do. A dog that can be shaped by his owner towards his needs and capable to adjust into situation. Presa Canario is best described by first breed standard from 1989:
Dog of medium size, of harmonic build and rectilinear profile. Of rustic appearance and well proportioned. It’s mesomorphic with body longer than its height in the withers. Females are usually longer than males. Massive head of cuboid shape and of wide skull. Upper lips cover the lower ones. Mucous membranes are black. Teeth are strong, of wide implantation and well fitted. Eyes are brown and of medium size. Ears set high. Cylindrical neck, strongly muscled and covered with thick, loose and elastic skin. Visible but not excessive dewlap. High insertion of tail. Chest wide and of great volume. Belly slightly tucked. Anterior (front) legs perfectly vertical, of wide and strong bones, with marked angulations allowing good amortization and long trot. Cat feet. Posterior (back) legs powerful and muscular of medium angulations and vertical towards each other, with cat feet slightly larger than the anterior. Skin elastic and thick. Hair short without undercoat presenting certain roughness. Color brindle, fawn and black. Mask usually black.
Its appearance shows extraordinary power. Sever gaze. Especially suited for function of guard and defense and to conduct cattle. Strong temperament. Skillful fighter what shows as an atavism. Bark serious and deep. Noble and gentle for his family, distrustful towards strangers. In the past frequently used as dog of combat.


All my dogs were imported. I moved to USA from Poland in 2018 making the biggest move in Presa Canario breeding in America importing 17 dogs at once.
Rey Gladiador in the World

My dogs were exported all over the World. They’re in most European countries, North America both all over USA and Canada, South America, Africa and Asia. We’re not in  Australia as breed is banned there

I traveled the World (27 or more different countries) to learn about Presa Canario and met thousands of Presas from many different lines. I traveled not only to see different dogs and meet different breeders but I also traveled to compete in working events and dog shows of highest level (with successes). And lastly but not least I traveled to import new dogs and to breed to best studs possible. 


Traveled hundred of thousands km to see Presa Canarios in different countries and from different breeders and bloodlines

Best bloodlines

Traveled to import best dogs and breed to best possible studs fitting my breeding goal


Competed both on working field and in dog shows. Both with successes. I have first Courage Champion in the breed. I also have World Winner both baby and junior as well as junior European Winner, multiple Club Winner and many other Champion titles.

Ewa Ziemska