Coywolfs around the farm

Recently I’ve learned we have more chances of Coywolfes in this are than coyotes. They do sound close and intimidating but dogs keep them in a distance. The one we’ve met on a walk couple weeks ago was almost twice the size of what you expect from coyote so it does make sense  

Breed standard: skull

It’s length represents 60% of total length of the head. In general is as long as wide. Skull seen from the side is slightly convex on top starting from occipital bone with shouldn’t be visible and covered with muscles. Convexity of the skull have it’s finish at frontal bone with is basically flat. Skull as […]

Colour changes on Presa puppy

One of my most unique puppies X-Man (Xerxes) was born of very light colour with no stripes on his paws or legs. Within next few days and weeks his colour started to change going to dark grey brindle as you can see on photo on with he is 4 months old

Breed standard: Presa Canario head

Of brachycephalic type (heading towards mesocephalic), shaped like slightly elongated cube, without any strongly pronounced angels, wide and covered with well developed muscles. Presa Canario head should be massive, without excess and with harmony to the body size so the front and back of the dog are well balanced. Head that is to big affects […]

Junior Europe Winner - Yerba Yaisa de Rey Gladiador


1. Introduction The goal in dog breeding is functionally healthy dogs with a construction and mentality typical to the breed, dogs that can live a long and happy life for the benefit and pleasure of the owner and the society as well as the dog itself. Breeding should be carried out in such a manner […]

Medal from Dog show in early 2000s

A medal from one of the shows from up to 20 years ago (probably around year 2000) from national show in Konin, Poland donated by Presa Awangarda

Presa Canario in movie „Oceano” year 1989

Probably the oldest movie in with we can see Presa Canario. Series named „Oceano” directed by Ruggero Deodato were made in 1988 and movie was released in 1989. Action takes place on island of Lanzarotte and wanting to show first and foremost Presas I couldn’t resist to leave a bit of the landscape of this […]

Presa Canario – general appearance

Presa Canario appearance: it’s a dog of medium size of robust body, rectangular profile and appearance of solidity. It’s function made it a versatile dog, used in the handling and subjugation of cattle, guarding and protection of property and as participant of pechadas (style of fight invented in Canary Islands) and build of this dog […]

Character and temperament

I was going to post this as comment on Presa grup but as it would just be scrolled down in a few and lost I thought I’ll keep it here. Mys Spanish is of very simple nature, and English isn’t my first language so excuse me possible errors of this translation. Translations themselves have always […]