Why are breeders against breeding?

Why are breeders anti breeding? This question pupps up in my head more and more often. Breeders being almost as horrible to each other as terrorists from AR. Whenever you scroll through social media you see people, and surprisingly more often than not breeders themselves pointing fingers on other breeders… – look they have a new […]

Presa Canario – best breed in the world

A German Shepherd, Doberman and a Presa Canario have died. All three are faced with God who wants to know what they believe in. The German shepherd says: „I believe in discipline training and loyalty to my master.” „Good,” says God. „Then sit down on my right side. Doberman, what do you believe in?” The […]


Presas are great mos, and having good bond with them lets you experience whole different level of having puppies at your house. Dog moms like you to be around them, help with labor and help with taking care of their newborns. Usually not much help is needed but when the litter is huge than you […]

Jackel gave birth to 17 puppies! Video

I need to brag! My girls Jackel did amazing job, all on her own she gave birth to 17 puppies, 2 of them unfortunately didn’t make it but that’s a sad part of having big litters. But everything went very easy and smooth for her and she occurred to be excellent mom. I’m very proud […]

Female Presas

How it is to be around this girls… well always the same lol Upper picture Puma del River City and her dad Spanky de Rey Gladiador Bottom picture La Toya Caballero Canario and Hooch de Rey Gladiador

Older puppies room

When puppies get bigger it’s time to move to their puppy room, it’s in our house just have bigger space for them. They have their little area to sleep and bigger area to play. They also have their potty spot – they usually use it instantly when it gets to their place and help with […]

Presa Canario is not a uniform breed

One of the things with always make me wander are all those comparisons, silhouettes: this one if presa this one is dogo… And one showing photos of two dogs that are different one from another with some conformation traits traits to prove a point of his or hers views. But how? By showing something totally […]