Presa Canario is not a uniform breed

One of the things with always make me wander are all those comparisons, silhouettes: this one if presa this one is dogo… And one showing photos of two dogs that are different one from another with some conformation traits traits to prove a point of his or hers views. But how? By showing something totally […]

A bit about black comeback

Quick note: Recently Club and RSCE posted proposal of bringing black colour back to the breed standard (FCI) and it made some confusion. The colour was coming and going all the time and was matter of some disagreements from the very first day breed standard was talked about People are discussing now how come breed […]

Ear crop in Presa Canario

Here are few book scans with directions how to crop ears and diagram for those who can’t read spanish   To the colour photos: Typical Presa Canario ear cropp. Description from book says: Upper: ears are cut in shape of triangle, as it is traditional with perros de presa canarios. You can notice the corners. […]

A little history and a bit of concussion

A little history and a bit of concussion as I start to understand less and less from the weird assumptions towards Presa Canario usually coming from people out of Spain. The breed is old and young at the same time. There were dogs, in a way consistent making a group of dogs. Modern kynology started […]

Presa Canario and dog fights

I wrote this in one of FB groups and I think it’s worth to remind from time to time when sometimes things get twisted and might kick us all back: Stop buying presas when you already have other dogs and have no clue what to do when they stop getting along together! If you think […]

27 Monografica of Dogo – Presa Canario, Tenerife, Canary Islands 2018

Yesterday 4th of November 2018 on Tenerife was held the 27th Monografica del Dogo-Presa Canario. First one was held on 8th December 1990… 28 years of our breed with this story. Winners were BOB GRANDO Presa de Casa Goxy of Felipe Alberto Pallacios and BOS was ANAQUA de Eterna Primavera from Jennifer Prior and Cristo […]

Read books

There is no lack of information out there, there is just lack of research. Some books about Presa Canario and cousins, still lots of missing and some just on computer in pdf

Coywolfs around the farm

Recently I’ve learned we have more chances of Coywolfes in this are than coyotes. They do sound close and intimidating but dogs keep them in a distance. The one we’ve met on a walk couple weeks ago was almost twice the size of what you expect from coyote so it does make sense