Generous dog

Marsha… the most generous dog ever. She was still just a puppy when she would pick just anything from the ground and be most happy if she could put it in your hand. She does same with food. No matter how gross, she’ll be most happy to give it to you lol

Marsha’s flight across the world

Marsha de Rey Gladiador Well while I was back in Chicago this week end picking up some dogs from the airport, I was stopped by a police k9 officer. The officer had seen Marsha and fell in love with her. He said she was the most beautiful and proud dog he’s ever seen. He loved […]

More than a dog

Presa Canario is so much more than just protection dog. And among many qualities this dogs poses I cherish this one dearly. Their great sense of our state of mind, they know how we feel and they can adjust their behawior to us. While possessing great physical power they are extremely gentle and soft. I […]

Presa thing

Presa is a function therefore many breeds are presa type dogs. Presa Canario is an ethnic group and a breed with its own history

Presas are smart. They also have good memory to people.

My dogs always knew who is family. Kingo for example was very serious towards people outside the family, even those comming back often. Family was always family. No matter how many months passed. He knew my grandparents good and even when seeing them once a year they could easily come to us and he would […]

On working dogs

Working dog is dog that works. It doesn’t matter if it comes from working line, doesn’t matter if it’s parents were even best working dogs… if it doesn’t work itself it’s not a working dog. A litter from non working parents advertised as working litter is a misunderstanding.